Our thinnest profile uses a 2-3/8” panel depth and a 3/8” durometer reveal.

The ceiling condition has a standard 1-1/4” wide reveal with a 1-1/2” wide top rail. The insulated flush metal panels provide sound control designed to meet a minimum rating of 39 STC in accordance with ASTM E 90-75, and fire safety with a flame spread of zero and a smoke developed value of 25 when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84-77A.

The glass & metal panels can be designed with or without intermediate horizontal muntin rails featuring removeable glass-stops. Custom glass design applications include; safety, laminated and textured specialty, including a full range of frosted, sand-blasted and color-tint styles, and electronic shade and tint-controlled privacy glass.

Doors can be selected from a variety of flush metal, glass & metal or wood options. Door frames can include glazed or solid transom panel options. Doors can accommodate a variety of standard and custom hardware.

4” high base is standard.